Though we’re in the deep of winter right now and you’re all cozied up in your bed, waking up later, and being less active- don’t forget that beach season is right around the corner!

I hear from clients and friends all the time that the wintertime is a much harder time to be active- but it doesn’t have to be so! You just have to think outside the box a little, and get the right gear.

Here are some of my favorite winter activities to inspire you to get moving this winter: 

Snow shoeing

A total winter classic- snow shoeing is the ultimate winter sport. It’s also a good one toning legs and lifting butt (don’t forget, bikini season is right around the corner!). Snow Shoeing is also a lot of fun and can be a great solo or family sport; it can also be done at all levels- from a hike to a simple walk.

 What you’ll need: Snow shoes & warm clothes

What you’ll burn: 400-500 calories per hour

 Downhill & cross country skiing

A personal favorite- skiing is a fun activity and great workout! Especially if you’re going for cross-country skiing (not that you don’t burn a ton sitting on the chairlift). Although downhill skiing can be expensive, look for deals for ski passes and rentals as well as lodgind on sites like Groupon (, Amazon Local (, Liftopia ( and others- there can be some great deals.

What you’ll need: Skiing equipment & warm clothes

What you’ll burn: 400-500+ calories per hour downhill skiing; 500-600+ calories per hour cross country skiing

 Winter hiking

So you thought that hiking was only a for the spring, summer, and fall– well think again. Hiking in the winter (with the right gear) can be a lot of fun, and hey- it’s usually a lot less crowded out there.

What you’ll need: Ice cleats for shoes (sometimes called cramp-ons) & warm clothes

What you’ll burn: ~400-500 calories per hour (especially if uphill)

 Paddle tennis:

So you love tennis in the summer- why not try playing paddle in the winter? The courts are heated so snow and ice don’t collect on them, and it’s a fun and social sport. Another perk? It’ll help you keep your tennis game up come summer time.

What you’ll need: Paddle balls and a racquet

What you’ll burn: 400-600 calories per hour playing a match


It’s no longer triathlon season (well, at least not as many), so you may find that the pool at your local gym is just a little less crowded. Swimming is great exercise and is also low/no impact, so for all of you with joint issues, this is a great one to try. Don’t forget that swimming also burns a ton of calories. So get swimming!

What you’ll need: Swimsuit, swim cap & goggles

What you’ll burn: ~400-600 calories per hour swimming laps

Don’t forget to dress warmly while you’re getting your outdoor activity on! It’s only fun if you’re not freezing. For all of you that want to avoid going outdoors- don’t forget you can always download workouts to do at home or pop in one of those old VHS or DVD workout tapes you’ve had forever. Just move!