Each new year gives us an opportunity for a fresh start and a new beginning. It’s a time to make goals for the things that we want to achieve in the coming year.

Because I find that new years goals and resolutions are often focused on health, fitness and wellness- here are a few tips to help you make 2015 your healthiest, happiest and most successful year yet.

  • Reflect: Start with reflection when it comes to ending your day, ending your year, and starting anew. Reflection is the first step into tuning into our bodies, our minds and to listening to our inner voice- hearing what we need, what we want, and what we need to make ourselves better people.
    • Tip: Start your new year by reflecting on the past year- think of the things you want to achieve in the new year and focus on keeping your reflections positive; it’s key to focus on the good as much as possible.
  • Make time for yourself: I think we’re all guilty of overloading our plates with activities and projects, but honestly, there’s nothing better than having some time for yourself. YOU NEED IT! How can you expect to be successful and happy if you never have time to tune into your body and your mind.
    • Tips: If you’re someone who has trouble making even a few minutes for yourself, start small.
      • Start by taking three or five minutes daily to yourself. Even a small amount of time makes a difference; once you realize the impact of just a few moments- you can (hopefully) make it a more frequent occurrence.
      • If you can’t fit it into your week you can also make time for yourself on weekends- especially if they’re less busy than weekdays.
      • Try going to a yoga class, read a book, put your legs up the wall- anything that lets you relax and tune into yourself.
  • Just say no: Saying yes is so much easier than saying no- especially when it comes to family, friends, spouses and work; but I cannot tell you how important it is to learn to say no. Unfortunately, although we all love to be “yes” people, eventually you may end up with a pile of tasks and activities so large that really, nothing gets done- and in turn you’re left exhausted and stressed out. Totally not worth it.
    • Tips: Say yes to what you really want to do, or to things that are very important to you. Say no to other activities, projects or other engagements that really don’t get you any further along and in turn just stress you out. Taking part in projects and activities that you love while letting go of the things that may not serve you can help you find time for yourself.
  • Schedule exercise: That’s right, I said schedule it. I find that with clients, friends, family, etc- the first thing to go when we get busy is exercise. We plan it like it’s important but at the end of the day, it goes off our calendar quicker than almost anything.
    • Tip: Schedule exercise into your life- just make sure it happens. If you know that certain times of the day are more likely to be subject to being busy- find a time that you know will work. For example, if you find that you have trouble getting to the gym in the afternoon, go in the morning. Although it may be painful at first, getting up just a little earlier to get your workout in will benefit both your body and your mind. 
  • More sleep: Yes, naps are ok! Sleep is one of the most important parts of life- for health for happiness and for success. We often short-change our sleep for doing other activities that we think will make us successful or that we have to do; unfortunately when it comes to the long term, short-changing our sleep schedule is a really bad idea. Research suggests that inadequate sleep can affect hunger hormones, weight management, productivity, brain function and so much more.
    • Tip: In the new year make sleep a priority for yourself- a non-negotiable. You can try tracking your sleep to get a better handle on how much sleep you’re getting and how restful it is by purchasing an activity tracker like a Fit Bit or a Jawbone (or any others)- note that some trackers are more accurate than others.
  • Slow down: We live in a fast-paced society- one that never stops, so the concept of taking time to slow down may seem like a foreign one, but truly it’s key. You need time to reflect – to tune in, to check in and to become stronger.
  • Make a happy list: Make a list of the things that make you happy- activities you love to do or things that just make you happy, Put your happy list on your phone, on your fridge, or anywhere else you see often. Anytime you’re feeling down, need a quick and happy activity or simply want a happy reminder- it’ll be there.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015!