binding foodsWe’re talking mold and toxicity on the blog, and the foods you really need to eat more of to help your system…are BINDING FOODS!


These foods help your body rid themselves of toxins more easily. AKA they literally help your body to dispose of toxic material (stuff they don’t need).

How do these foods work?

These foods contain various compounds that help your liver/kidneys/colon to dispose of waste better. So eating them can literally help you get rid of toxins better.

There’s also a list of supplements that may be helpful too, but we’ll post that next.

Here’s your list of 7 binding foods you should eat more of:

  1. Onions: Contain sulfur compounds that help our lives to produce detox enzymes
  2. Cauliflower: Contains sulfur-containing compounds that helps to promote detox
  3. Beets: Contain betacyanin that help the liver make more detox enzymes
  4. Asparagus: Helps to bind and excrete enzymes (acts on the kidneys!)
  5. Apples: Contain pectin that helps to bind toxins (and quercetin also helps production of detox enzymes)
  6. (and 7!)Herbs like parsley and cilantro: Help with bile production that’s key for liver detox

How to know if you should eat more binding foods?

  • SIBO treatment
  • Lyme/ bartonella/bebesia treatment
  • Mold/environmental toxicity
  • Chelation or heavy metal detox
  • Frankly, most of us could use WAY more of this kinda stuff!

How does Isabel use these in her practice?

Isabel assesses many clients with various types of toxicity, and helps them find natural methods for detox. Some including foods, supplements, and other techniques.

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