Do you know how important fresh air is for you?

More for another post, but it’s our BEST aid in detoxifying our bodies. There’s so much toxic garbage in our environments and so much that we’re breathing in every single day, so getting outside can REALLY help us to detoxify, soothe our bodies, and get blood flowing.

The timing is perfect, because April is the beginning of spring AND April 22 is Earth Day (right around the corner!).

Celebrating our earth and working on our detox is the perfect combo, so I’ve thought of a few ways to help you get outside more frequently. April is also National Stress Awareness Month as well- and there’s also nothing better for stress management (especially for us city-dwellers says THIS study!) than fresh air.

… So let’s get to it.

5 ways get outside more often:

  • Eat lunch outside

I’m always telling clients to turn off their phones and computers and be more mindful while eating (it helps us to eat less- truly). So this is a great way to help make you more mindful, and get you outside. Take your lunch outside, and bring a friend. Community (i.e. friends) can also boost our mood and increase chances of being successful and happy with our healthy lifestyle efforts.

  • Meditate outside

You may feel goofy doing this, but if you live in a city, going to any green space (even if it’s a green patch) and closing your eyes to get some zen can be a really good idea. Meditation (in any form) is super positive for us and can really help us soothe, so try an app like Calm or Headspace to get yours.

  • Book a trip where there’s greenery

I love the beach too, but go where there’s greenery. Places like Tuscany, Italy or the Vermont mountains- both/either will do. Looking for places you can be active when booking your (summer) vacation can help you get your zen, and can also help with de-stressing. (Like this trip I took to LA and hiked my fave, Runyon Canyon!)

  • Take back one of the walks from your dog walker

We know you love your dog walker, but so do we. Carve out more time to take your dog for a walk- especially if you live somewhere near one of the NYC big parks- each morning is off-leash 7-9 and we couldn’t love it more. What’s good for you is good for your pet too.

  • Take your workout outside

Finally (but not least important), it’s a nice change of pace and speed when we mix up our workouts. One of the best ways to do this is to take ourselves out of the gym and get sweaty outside. Here’s a list of things you can do outside:

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