As an entrepreneur (and just as a person), the HOW I start my day ends up being the most important predictor of my happiness, and energy for the day.

Most people I meet are like WOW you have so much energy… well here’s a little #bts info… I have to create that energy to have it- it’s totally not innate. And I’ve found one of the MOST important components to the how I end my day/week etc, is all in the HOW I start my day.

First and foremost, having a plan or strategy for starting the day is KEY. For example, when building my schedule out, I schedule a certain amount of time that I am NOT working so that I can start my day in a way that is supportive of me.  I learned a long time ago that starting my day jammed with clients doesn’t allow me enough time to breathe and service myself, so now I start my day later with clients. And during that time I spend doing something that’s positive for me.

My morning activity is exercise, but yours doesn’t have to be, it DOES however need to be SOMETHING for you. The how you start your day (and mostly your week), can really predict the outcome of your experience.

Over time I’ve found like I said that exercise is really crucial for me, but I polled some others for insight into how they start their day to give you some ideas. Bottom line though, if you havent really put thought into how you start your day and whether you’re giving yourself enough attention in the AM, I hope this has turned you onto it!

8 Ways To Start Your Day with Intention:

  1. Go for a run
  2. Spend some time in nature (can be coupled with #1)
  3. Color (yep, I said it)
  4. Journal
  5. Read the paper with a cup of tea/coffee or elixir
  6. Set an intention and mediate for a few minutes
  7. Take your dog for a walk, and surround yourself with like-minded (doggie) people
  8. Make yourself and intentional and slow (or slower than you currently do) breakfast and sit and enjoy it

Bottom line, even if you hated the suggestions above- I want you to think about the HOW you start your day and make sure you have some time for yourself in there. It’s SO KEY!

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