Who’s your future self? Do you know?

Many of us do, but most of us don’t, and when it comes to our health it may be the most important version of ourselves to get to know.

What’s a future self?

Good question. It’s The WHO we are and the way we feel after making various decisions and partaking in various behaviors. It’s the ability to look forward in time and identify how we’ll feel after we make various choices.

The future self isn’t such a difficult person to get in touch with, but we’re often impulsive and compulsive- and so are our actions; so it can be hard to take a moment and breathe deeply to think about how we’ll feel in the future.

In my work with all of my clients, finding peace and tranquility with our future self (as well as identifying him or her), is extremely helpful.

What does this future self imagination help with?

MANY things! Namely and for my purpose – in food and movement choices and behaviors.

So how do you get involved with this person?

First step– acknowledgement.

Second step– start talking to it. When we start to imagine and talk to it, we start to develop the ability to tune into this person in our lives. Our future self.

Third step– start practicing taking a minute to inquire with your future self how you’ll feel after doing various things (going to the gym, for example).

Fourth step– don’t give up. Continue to talk to this person, it makes it easier to perpetuate.

Here’s a few things that you can start imagining your future self into.

  1. Spending time with friends. I’m really good at getting overwhelmed and cancelling plans, but i’m ALWAYS happy once I spend time with friends.
  2. Getting in some movement. Another easy thing to say no to, but my future self is ALWAYS happy once I’ve done it.
  3. Meditation. Another hard thing to wrap our heads around, but once we’ve done it, we’re always happier for doing so.

I don’t often encourage people to use their future self talk on food choices, unless they’re a habitual meal or snack skipper; because I know (and so do they) that if they remember to eat they’ll feel better, no question. The place to start the future self talk is with lifestyle and behavior choices, it’s always a good idea!

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