I LOVE a good grab and go – and thankfully here in NYC we’ve got PLENTY!

We all know time is not always on our sides. So, to make healthy eating a little easier, I want to share some of my favorite NYC grab and go options with you to help when you’re in a pinch!

Here it is, Isabel’s NYC grab and go list:


Dig Inn:

Here’s what I’m eating: Usually I can be found ordering a bowl with a base of greens plus 2 veggies (broccoli, kale), and their roasted chicken – though the salmon, meatballs and roasted chicken are good too

Mulberry and Vine:

Here’s what I’m eating: root veggie mash with either roasted chicken or salmon, plus usually two roasted veggies (cauliflower and broccoli); but I also love their simple salads- kale and apple salad OR the charred avocado


Here’s what I’m eating: Obsessed with the cauliflower rice option here so that’s always a must. I also love the truffle avocado roll, mushroom roll (their veggie based rolls in general are BOMB), and for the fish based rolls- yellowtail scallion, snow crab and salmon maki.

Made Nice NYC:

Here’s what I’m eating:I love their creative menus and bowls. I usually order the kelp noodle salad with chicken or kale and avocado salad with protein (chicken or salmon!)

Broken Coconut:

What I’m eating: This is also a fun and creative spot here in NYC! I love the vegan delight bowl with chicken or shrimp on the side. I also love the Wild Salmon Filet bowl, and Sweet Salmon Omakase Bowl. Honestly, all their stuff is awesome.

Whirlybird + Greens:

What I’m eating: this is a new find for me and one I’m psyched about because it’s YUM! I usually order a ½ chicken (for leftovers, duh!) and have it with the cauliflower rice and dirty mushroom sides. They’re well sourced and local and you know I love that.



Juice Press:

Here’s what I’m getting: JP is my main squeeze (pun intended!) for smoothies and things, I just love their stuff and it’s organic, which I feel good about. I also love the Green Light Smoothie (added protein), Nurse Ginger Green Smoothie (added protein), Fountain of Youth Smoothie, and Clean Green Protein Smoothie.



Growing up when written phone books were a thing my father always had a bakery list in every state (I kid you not!). I only have one here, because they’re the best:

By the Way Bakery:

Here’s what I’m getting: Everything is great! We really love the chocolate cake, carrot cake, double chocolate cookies, macaroons… it’s ALL good.



We need two spots for the desserts, of course!

A few other spots I love:

Grom Gelato

Gelato Giusto

Van Leeuwen ice cream

Whoops Macarons

Levain Bakery (nothing gluten free here friends!)

We’ll be updating our list here so stay tuned! In the meantime check out some of our other lifestyle posts!