3 Reasons to Eat Breakfast

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal, to this very day. It’s something I’ve always chosen to start my day with because it gives my body the power it needs to do all of the many things that I ask it to do.

Despite all of the negative press it receives, I believe that breakfast is absolutely crucial when it comes to starting our day in a positive way, with energy, power and balanced blood sugar (the blood sugar thing though does depend on what exactly you eat in the morning). Because of the way that I feel about breakfast, it’s something that I recommend in some way, shape or form to all of my clients. Sure, I understand that everyone isn’t a “morning person,” but come on, we need to fuel ourselves.

If you’re on the fence, and even if you’re not, here’s a few reasons why you should eat breakfast.

3 reasons to eat breakfast:

Breakfast may help you feel more energized: This seems logical to me, but running on fumes from yesterday just doesn’t give you all that much energy. In order to really make the most of the energy we can possibly have each day, we need to start the day energized and ready to go. So many clients and people in the world end up eating the biggest meal in the evening and the run into sleeping issues, when in reality we should be eating a large if not the largest meal in the morning, because our bodies need the energy when we’re active and working, and not when we’re sleeping.

Eating breakfast may help to promote weight loss: There are nay-sayers when it comes to this topic, but to me it seems pretty logical. Eating breakfast may make some of us hungrier, but truthfully, when done right can help to promote more balanced eating throughout the day because it can help to more evenly balance intake throughout the day; hint: on days you don’t eat breakfast, aren’t you starving at lunch?

Feeling more satiated as we move through the day can help us to make better choices, and definitely does a good job to help keep blood sugar more balanced, which also is key for weight loss and management as well. From experience as well, I’ve never had a client who skipped breakfast be overly successful with weight loss and management!

Breakfast may help promote healthful digestion: I have so many clients that at some point may not have consumed breakfast, and only coffee, and they have trouble with both weight management and regular bowel movements and digestion as well. It’s no secret that eating more consistently is certainly better for promoting healthy digestion, regular bowel movements and can also help to avoid constipation as well. Of course it’s a good idea to include fiber-rich options like fruit, vegetables, whole grains to help promote healthy digestion, but what really helps is eating small and frequent meals instead of fewer larger portions.

Tips for your best breakfast:

  • If you’re not a breakfast person, keep it light- a smoothie, one or two eggs, yogurt- that will do the trick too.
  • Having something is definitely better than nothing.
  • As a general rule of thumb healthy fat (nuts, avocado, nut butter) or protein (eggs, lean meat, protein powder) should always be included in breakfast
  • Include fiber-rich items (oats or whole grains like quinoa, fruit, vegetables- think kale in your smoothie
  • Keep the sugar low on packaged items- aim for fewer than 5-10 grams per serving and keep servings of fruit to about 1 serving or so (1 small banana/apple/orange, 1/2 cup fruit)

A few of my favorite breakfasts…

Banana Nut Oatmeal

This banana nut oatmeal is packed with digestive-healthy fiber, heart-healthy fat, and it’s delicious! I eat oatmeal every day!

Banana Paleo Pancakes:

These pancakes are low carb, delicious, packed with protein that will help to keep you feeling fuller for longer and they’re a total hit too. Try them this weekend!

Smoothie Bowl:

Smoothie bowls are totally fun and capture the best of both worlds- the bowl and the smoothie! Add heart-healthy items like nuts and seeds to help keep the sugar down. Learn how to make one here!

Green Veggie Smoothie:

This is a total favorite of mine and is a lighter option for a delicious breakfast. It’s loaded with healthy nutrients and makes for a great option if you’re not really a breakfast person! Because it’s a smoothie it’s also loaded with fiber too to help you feel fuller for longer.