8 Foods That Reduce Gas

8 Foods That Reduce Gas Hello Holidays, Hello Holiday eating, Hello GAS!

Tooting is totally a normal part of life… however, it can be super uncomfortable to try to hold it in sitting at the Thanksgiving table.

I get lots of questions and comments from clients around the holidays regarding how to settle an upset stomach, ridding of gas etc, and I figured I’d help ALL of you with this topic. I think it’s something most of us struggle with at some point during this festive time of year (and frankly, all year long too).

But first…

Why do we get gas? Is it normal?

Gas IS normal. Gas can be caused by a number of things- including eating too quickly, talking while eating, eating too much, eating certain foods (lactose, gluten for some, brussels sprouts for some), drinking through a straw, chewing gum… and did I mention too much food?

…we’re mostly talking here how to relieve gas caused by holiday eating, but some of these tips will help with other causes for gas too.

8 Foods to Help Reduce Gas (most of these are liquids!):

    1. Fennel: 1 tsp of fennel seeds in hot water (use a loose tea grabber to prevent the seeds from floating- they’re not great to chew on).
    2. Mint tea: Hot water- add regular mint tea or mint leaves into the water. Mint has natural digestive properties.
    3. Lemon juice: Add it to your water, or even to your cocktail. Lemon has digestive properties and can help things in your gut move along.
    4. Apple cider vinegar: You can add it to something you’re drinking, or have it on it’s own- 1 oz should do it, but increasing stomach acid can also help to promote swifter movement and settling of your tummy.
    5. Mango: Keep in mind that too much fruit can be gassy, but in small amounts this can help. Mango contains natural digestive enzymes.
    6. Papaya: Also contains natural digestive enzymes- make sure not to eat it dried, it’ll make you more gassy!
    7. Kimchi: Fermentable foods (though can sometimes cause gas) can also be helpful in calming a gassy tummy.
    8. Ginger: Any way you can eat this (or drink it) it works well. Chop and put into your hot water, eat it crystalized… however you want to eat it it works well.

Need more help? Here’s a few more tips:

  1. Go for a walk: This can naturally help it to pass
  2. Swap sparkling beverages for flat: When we ingest less air it makes it easier
  3. No drinking through straws! If you’re prone to gas
  4. Try limiting the fiber supplements you’re taking if you’re taking a few
  5. Yoga! It helps so much-TRY THESE POSES 


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