Halloween Candy 101: How to PickOK so you missed my post about healthy halloween candies… no problem, here’s your backup.

So often I hear dietitians recommend to “skip halloween candy” or to “give out tastier healthier treats that aren’t candy”… well I’m calling bullshit, because I LOVE candy and I LOVE dessert- so I can’t recommend that you skip it.

Like most things, candy isn’t all created equal, and there’s definitely a hierarchy of which is best, but only after we go through some of my most favorite and important tips to picking the halloween candy (and actually this applies to most other things too).

Top 3 rules to picking your ‘ween candy:

  1. Eat what you like: Truthfully, if you eat what you like, and enjoy each bite you’ll be satisfied more quickly.
  2. Don’t go into any event assuming that you’ll skip it… cuz you won’t. Enough said. Go into it with the mindset that you CAN have whatever you want, because you can, and once you’re there with the candy, then make your choice based on what you want in those moments.
  3. Let the guilt go… it ain’t worth it.

Candies to pick from

OK so now that we’ve gone over that… here’s a few ‘ween candies that you can pick from – and a few reasons why I picked these, but remember ONLY choose from those here on the list that you actually like (and no, one of the reasons on this list have to do with sugar grams).

  • Peanut m & m’s:

    • Why? Because there’s some protein/healthy fat with the sugar, and the peanut takes up most of the sugary outer-coating.
  • Almond joy:

    • Why? Because the coconut in here helps to offset the sugar in the chocolate- and coconut contains healthy fat and that can be more satisfying… there’s nothing worse than a sugar hangover.
  • Snickers:

    • Why? Similar to the top two, more protein & healthy fat thanks to the peanuts in the candy.
  • Anything dark chocolate (dark chocolate milky way, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, dark chocolate m & m’s.. you get the picture).

    • Why? NOW it’s about sugar… and dark chocolate has less sugar than milk chocolate.

Here’s the list of the not-so great

These are pretty much all on par with each other and all for the same reason- pure sugar, not much/very little healthy fat to help compensate, and therefore may make you feel less-than-satisfied (and thereby may eat more than you want to).

  • Candy corn
  • Gummy candies
  • Twizzlers
  • Swedish fish
  • Twix

Remember… eat what you like, eat it slowly, and ENJOY IT!

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